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My blog's mission is to raise consciousness and promote a growth mindset. People can truly accomplish whatever goals they desire if they have discipline, dedication, && a strong work ethic. 

-Elektra Flora

The Blog's Pillars && Foundation

My blog is written through an astrological lens. When I write through these lenses not only are they figuratively colored red, yellow, && blue, but they also resonate with each one of my astrological big three placements. Please note that you do not need to understand astrology or color theory to understand my blog. I am merely exploring the synchronicity between the archetypes of each constellation and how they play a role in my life through my writing. See if you can make out the connections && synchronicities with me.

Growth Mindset

Sagittarius Rising

As a Sagittarius Rising I am on a never ending quest for truth, freedom, and higher-learning. I believe that continued studies && travel are essential for spiritual evolution. Some of my favorite subjects are astrology, metaphysics, history, mathematics, and moral philosophy whilst my favorite places traveled are Las Vegas, Paris, Key West, Austria, and Hawaii.


Taurus Sun

As a Taurus Sun I highly value sustainability. I care about the current and future generation's needs in addition to caring about the livelihood of our planet Earth.  Sustainability is more than just protecting natural resources, it is about generating thriving economic and social communities for all people worldwide. 



Pisces Moon

As a Pisces Moon I yearn to express my imagination && creativity. Most of my life I struggled with self-expression, but more recently during my spiritual awakening I have been exploring outlets through different mediums and nurturing what feels good to my soul. I find joy and fulfillment in fashion, writing, art, music, dance, decorating my home, and crafting.

My Birthchart

I find it important to post my birthchart for those who are studying astrology. My favorite website for astrology is I like that they have options for progressions and other data like prominent element, zodiac signature, && dominant planets.

I have studied both Whole Sign and Placidus systems. After years of bouncing between

both I have come to the conclusion that Placidus resonates more with my personal life experiences. Also, with my STEM background and Placidus being the "modern" way of interpreting; I appreciate that it takes into consideration the projection** of the sky from one's point of view. That type of mathematical & spatial data is familiar to me in a sense that I have taken surveying and created geographical maps using different coordinate systems during my time as an engineer. Whole Sign to me is a good foundation to reference and compare, but I feel like if we have modern technology and discovered outer planets past Saturn that they should be taken into consideration. What is the point of discovery and new findings if we (astrologers) are going to use an archaic system from ancient times?


I still reference Whole Sign and I'm not discounting it at all. I think those using any other type of system/calculator to make interpretations should always go back to Whole Sign to compare as it IS the foundation of astrology.

**Note: If you are confused at what I mean by projections, feel free to check out this blog post by ESRI. ESRI developed ArcMap GIS which is the software I used to make maps. I know the universe isn't a globe, but using the same logic from making maps for somewhere here on Earth that there will also be some distortion when trying to replicate our solar system on a flat surface like paper or a computer screen.


Birthchart AstroSeek.jpg
Electric Forest


After going by the rave name Ana funkHOUSE for 8 years, a reinvented alter-ego Elektra Flora was born at Electric Forest 2023. Ana was colorful raver who enjoyed getting lost at festivals, orbiting with an attitude, and hating on bass music. Elektra is driven by slow festival fashion and wants to become a DJ/producer.

IRL, I am a former civil/environmental engineer turned blogger. I obtained my Bachelor's of Science in Civil Engineering with Environmental Engineering Option  (B.S.C.E.) from California State Polytechnic University Pomona in 2012. I was heavily involved during my time at university including competitive cheerleading, professional organizations (Society of Women Engineers, American Society of Civil Engineers, & Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers), volunteering, and Sigma Kappa Sorority. In April 2023, after working in the industry for over 10 years I realized the black && white world of engineering design was not for me. My life lacked color and freedom of expression. I became miserable. Crying at my desk, in the bathroom, or my car hating that I had to wear business-casual clothes like they were a prison uniform. I couldn't take it anymore so one day I just called in and said "I quit." No job or plans lined up. Yes, those closest to me were concerned (rolls eyes at money && health insurance), but I have been much happier, healthier, and fulfilled after leaving engineering. My future career plans are to continue to write for this blog and eventually start making music. 


I wanted to create this blog in order to showcase my writing and fashion sense. As a seasoned music festival veteran I feel like I have a lot of knowledge to share when it comes to creating an enjoyable experience whether it budget or luxury. 

Please be patient with me as I learn how to build this blog && website by myself. I can be a perfectionist (thanks to my Virgo Midheaven/10th house) so you will see this site evolve quite a bit aesthetically as I develop my blogging skills.  My kinder loving Virgo piece of me also knows when to say "that'll do" and sometimes just getting my content out is important to me. I'm not always wearing make-up or taking a thousand pictures to get the "perfect" one. I am showing my authentic self, live in the moment, and I don't need to spend excessive time on frivolous things. 

"Perfection is the enemy of progress."

-Winston Churchill



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