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Focusing on Fashion: Poshmark | EDSea | Small Biz News

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

I have been focusing on fashion a lot lately and that has made me feel more like my authentic self. When I left my last retail job at Saks 5th Avenue to go into engineering full-time I feel like I had taken a step away from fashion all together. It wasn't a priority in my life and I started wearing boring business casual clothes that were comfortable to sit at a desk doing design on a computer for 50 hours a week. Sweaters && Spanx pants were my go-to.

Focusing on fashion entails revamping my wardrobe and a lot of shopping. I started this task back in June when I realized my clothing didn’t reflect my personality anymore. I need to do a fashion show of a then and now so readers can see how much my style has evolved. I’ve basically become anti-business casual. It’s almost as if that style gives me PTSD. It reminds me of being figuratively chained to a desk and someone yelling at me to work faster. Trust me I worked as fast as I possibly could and received amazing reviews of my work. The issue was I was so fast and diligent while producing top quality work that I was then put on a pedestal by management. I was always trying to outperform myself and I burned out very quickly. There were days when I would come home and literally could not function in any capacity because my brain was tapped out. I couldn’t have a normal conversation or do chores. I would just sit like a zombie in my backyard trying to relax from a hard day of work or studying for licensure. I am so grateful that engineering life is behind me. I also have no regrets because it has made me appreciate the work I do now.

Fashion is work too. Granted I'm not designing utility networks for a new townhome subdivision, but trying to put together an ensemble can be a daunting task. I can be avant-garde at times and come up with an elaborate outfit idea in my head. I then get hyper specific on colors, fabric textures, where things are made, and I will go on witch-hunts for the perfect accessory. This isn’t new though. I am just like Cher from Clueless in the opening scene where she’s freaking out, “Where’s my white collarless shirt from Fred Segal?!” My family can attest I have been doing this since I was a kid. My outfit is my creation.

In addition to buying I've also been selling. I have accumulated so much clothing through out the years and basically just hoarded them. I've worked at Abercrombie & Fitch, J. Crew, and Hollister in addition to Saks 5th Avenue. I have clothes I've never even worn just sitting in my closet. This is where my new favorite app comes into play... Poshmark!



What is Poshmark?

If you don’t know what Poshmark is… it’s OK… It’s still a hidden gem some shoppers don’t know about because it’s still gaining popularity. I have been on the platform since November 2019 and only recently diving into what it’s all about within the past couple of weeks. Let me just say… it truly is a welcoming community and you get the most out of the app by being social in conjunction with selling/buying.

Poshmark is basically for people who have gently-used clothing that they want to resell, however there are a lot of new items on there as well. Some sellers have wholesale licenses and actually buy brand new items to resell in their Poshmark closet. Some sellers just sell things they never wore and still have tags on them- like that gold Shoshana cocktail dress I have currently listed in my closet that I bought for a wedding. I ended up not wearing that dress to that wedding and it’s been sitting in my closet NWT (new with tags) since 2016. Those are the type of unique finds to buy on Poshmark because you know you can’t get it anywhere else. Vintage is so hot right now!

Recent Purchases && Posh Shows

I’ve been getting sucked into Posh Shows. If you haven’t been to one… they are super fun and addicting. I’ve been in some shows for 4 hours straight. I can’t help it, the hostess is just so engaging and the other women watching are all chatting. My current favorite Posh shows are chef_nia and pippidip.

chef_nia - Has her boutique license and all things are new with items like clothing, home goods, jewelry, and hair accessories. She has a big birthday show coming up November 11th I wish I could attend but it's the same day as the EDSea and I don't know if I'll be able to make it. I'll try though! In the pictures below I am wearing a mustard yellow sweater with flowers, a Halloween gingham headband, and Halloween ghost earrings all from her shop.

pippidip - New authentic designer glasses for sale on the lo lo. She has a rewards punch card program if you buy 10 glasses from her (there is a minimum $ spend) you get your 11th free. Tell her “anafunkhouse” sent you and we both get extra stamps on your punch card after your first purchase. In the pics below I am wearing a pair of pink Versace glasses I bought from her. I'll get some better pics on EDSea cruise because that's what I bought these sunnies for originally! We are embarking from Miami && pink Versace glasses were on my mind.

girl with sunglasses
New Pink Versace Sunnies

PoshFest 2023

PoshFest 2023 was a conference for Poshers held Oct. 12-13 in San Diego, CA. I didn’t know about this event until it was already happening and only managed to attend the live streams. It was interesting though! There are a lot of new features coming out on Poshmark and has me excited about my future on the platform. Check out their blog here for more info!

Want to join?

If you want to sign up for Poshmark use my code “ANAFUNKHOUSE” and we both get $10 in our accounts. You will also get free shipping for your first order! Check out my closet here!

I will have to write an entire separate article on Poshmark because there is a lot more I didn't cover. It truly is a fun app. Join today to just look around at all the cool stuff for sale. I'm obsessed with early 2000's Abercrombie & Fitch. I haven't bought anything but I am always looking at it because it's nostalgic to me and reminds me of when I used to work at the store. I've been wanting cargo pants so bad and I hate that I totally missed out on buying some because I waited. Seriously.. if you find something you like buy it because it might sell immediately. These things get snatched up VERY quickly.



Whilst focusing on fashion I’ve also been trying to plan my outfits for the inaugural EDSea cruise embarking November 4th. The coordinators of the event announced party themes on September 24th giving us attendees only 5 weeks to plan outfits. It’s been a struggle. I’m trying to not overspend, not buy things I don’t need, and be creative with what I already have in my closet. It’s been mayhem I tell you! It’s fun and I’m not stressing out. Everything will work out perfectly! The cherry on top? I’m going to EDC Orlando and Home Bass after EDSea so I’m planning 12 days worth of party && rave outfits in one trip. I may be re-wearing some pieces because there’s only so much I can pack in my luggage.

I made an EDSea 2023 Pinterest board if you want some outfit ideas for the themed parties. Halloween is also around the corner so some of these ideas could be used for costumes. There's a sneak peak below! I pinned all of the EDSea promo too to match. I am so excited to be sharing my style with you all honestly. Putting this together makes me happy and shows my style as a raver. Be prepared for more chic, luxury, and handmade piece ideas. I really want those Eberjey washable silk pajamas... I just don't know about partying in them.


Small Biz News

Little Black Diamond Closing

I am so sad to be saying this, but one of my all-time favorite ravewear brands is closing their doors after 12 years in the scene. Little Black Diamond is bidding us farewell. I have been shopping with LBD since 2015 and some of my all time favorite pieces in my dance wardrobe are from the brand. This is one of the first brands to really help me explore being confident in my own body. These clothes gave me the strength and courage to be fully femme and embrace being sexy. I wouldn’t be who I am today without Little Black Diamond. There is a farewell sale going on with items up to 80% off. Please support Mama Diamond as she transitions into a new chapter of her life. <333

Here's an ode to Little Black Diamond and me wearing pieces through out the years 2015-2023. Putting this together brings tears to my eyes honestly. I am really really sad about this. Thank you SO MUCH Little Black Diamond for sharing your art with the world.
Please note that I am not solely wearing LBD, but I am certainly wearing at least 1 LBD piece in every photo.

I have to say that in the following pics below that is my most favorite LBD outfit I have in my wardrobe. The rainbow velvet fabric is just timeless and I love the way it feels. It looks amazing under black light. I have worn each of these pieces numerous times mixing and matching with other rainbow velvet pieces not shown. Nothing compares to the OG keyhole tie-top, high waisted ribbon lace-up shorts, and the utility jacket that has 4 pockets. This is my siggy look!! This is Ana funkHOUSE. <333

I'm going to miss you so much LBD <333

Disco Lemonade && Lux Muse Halloween Dropz

I’m super happy for Disco Lemonade && Lux Muse’s Halloween dropz. These women work extremely hard to create beautiful one of a kind pieces that are out of this world. Like I hate to be macabre but seriously, bury me at the club in a Disco Lemonade babydoll dress with a Lux Muse coat && LBD bottoms. That’s how much I love their creations. If I could buy it all up I would. Every time I see something sell out a little piece of me is happy for the new owner but a little piece of me is also sad that I’ll never own it or be able to wear it. I’m not jealous because that’s the whole magic of these brands. You have to buy your pieces and own them as little pieces of artwork. They are unique and handcrafted with love.


Everything from Poshmark to planning my next rave outfits to supporting small businesses I have been consumed with fashion. Focusing on fashion brings me joy. So much joy that I could honestly die happy.

“All stories, if continued far enough, end in death.” - Earnest Hemmingway



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