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I Wrote a Show

Why yes… I have been getting into trouble. 😈

I wrote an entire show over the past couple of days.

It felt like Jupiter himself gifted it to me. 🦅🐂

I am grateful and ready to start sharing my art with the world. 🎨🎭🎶👩🏻‍🎨

Be forewarned.


My art is a bit complex… but that’s who I am and this is how I express myself.

It’s live… I am best with improv. When I have opportunity to critique my own work it turns into me not sharing at all. I get very self conscious and critical.

It incorporates multiple mediums. This show is a new concept. I am not like everyone else. With Mercury in 7th House Gemini squared Moon in 3rd House Pisces plus being a Sagittarius Rising… My mind is completely restless and curious. My mind and emotion are seamlessly intertwined. I always have and always will be doing too many things at once. It is my way of being. Let me be.

I am highly intellectual and bring that into my art. I realized a skill of mine is being able to communicate theoretical astrological concepts by sketch in diagram form and/or through conversation. I am great at interpreting astrology, tarot, and dreams. There is an art form to all of these crafts. I draw many of my logical conclusions from my scientific background in engineering in conjunction with my strong sense of intuition & mysticism.

I am good at socializing, organizations, community, and leading. It is the truth. I enjoy going to raves && music festivals solo because it is the largest playground for me in terms of meeting people. It is natural to me. I am an extrovert. Ever since I was a teen I have found myself in numerous leadership positions. I admit I'm not perfect, but I get the job done and I care about people. With that said, I've always fostered && appreciated community. It's time to create my own.

There is an element of sexuality to my art. 🫦

Sorry not sorry. I am tired of hiding my body. It should be celebrated. I will wear what I want to wear and feel good about myself. I will stick by my boundaries of what’s appropriate for cinema is appropriate for me. I go to raves and I'm a big flirt… what do you expect?!

I just wanted to let you all know I have been working. I have been writing && being creative.

Please sign up on my blog for more information. I only email when I’ve written something new.

Also feel free to follow me on Twitch. That’s where I will be performing. 😎

Stay tuned. 🎬



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