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Live-Streaming && Finding My Voice

Hello! 👋🏼

It's been awhile. I apologize. I have been diving into the great depths of live-streaming and let me say it has really given me purpose && fulfillment. It has helped me find my voice. With Jupiter and Venus in my 5th House I feel in my element when I'm performing and it brings me joy.

One thing I started realizing as time progressed with my blog is that writing with words was too one dimensional. I do love writing and will continue to do it, but it lacks my tone, my face, my... literal voice.

Another thing I noticed when experimenting was I prefer to live-stream in "Just Chatting" on Twitch versus making vlogs on YouTube. YouTube was missing the opportunity to interact with people in real time. The opportunity for me to connect with another soul in the world and have a conversation. I also was being too "Midheaven in Virgo" and extremely critical of myself when filming for vlogs. My perfectionism caused me to film a bunch of videos that never got released. I didn't like my hat... or I said something weird... or ::insert something dumb no one cares about::. Live-streaming though... I love it. It's a "give it all you got" type of feeling because there is no take backs. Everything I do in front of the camera is being broadcasted in real time and recorded for a video-on-demand people can watch at a later time.

I've barely had any interactions with chatters and there's been some episodes with no interactions at all, but I'm OK with that. I am grateful for the people who have popped in and said hello! In the meantime I'm still trying to find my groove and flow. I feel like I'm still experimenting and I get it that some people don't understand what I'm doing... because trust me I barely understand what I'm doing.

Here's what I do know-

  • I am teaching && learning astrology simultaneously with my scientific background in conjunction with an artistic && autobiographical account.

  • There are elements of music && fashion because that's how I fully express myself.

  • The philosophical foundation is focusing on the Body, Mind, && Spirit.

  • Talking is an artform. I don't keep a script and I prefer improvisation.

  • I have bigger plans for the show than what is already being portrayed. I am being patient and happily learning at the pace best suitable for myself.

  • Discovering Discipline && Finding Freedom is 7 days a week for the short-term. I am doing a check-in point in March and from there I will see how I want to continue.

If you haven't caught a livestream yet, I've published a few onto YouTube! Here was last nights-

I have to say I am feeling like I am in alignment. I know I'm in alignment. I see angel numbers constantly and am receiving other positive and tangible signs from my guides that keep nudging me to continue doing what I am doing.

Tonight is Jupiter Day and the day I make kandi from 8-11PM EST! That's where this idea all started... I just wanted a virtual place where I could go to connect with other like-minded people.

Come check out my lives-stream if you haven't yet. It's super low key and I'm here to keep company && give friendship.

If you are coming def bring snacks, drinks, smokes, or whatevs makes you happy && motivated to create <3

Follow me on my twitch channel @elektraflora

I hope you have a magical day! ✨



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