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OOTD: Camp &&/or At Home

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

It's Sunday evening and I'm ready to chill. I have the TomorrowLand 2023 livestream playing in the background. 🎶 Decided to throw on some pieces from my Bonnaroo 2023 shopping haul at Mamie Ruth. These sweat pants are so cute with the printed faux patches & Kandi beads on the waistband string. I have a love/hate relationship with the totally twisted top. It's cute AF but the nip slip is fo reals.

"This top is more like little ENOs (hammocks) for your titties" - Elektra (yes... I did say that to the Mamie Ruth intern after telling her about my top and we laughed for a good bit on the floor. That was the night I wore this top + 2023 Bonnaroo overalls.. pics to come later!!)

Festivals: Bonnaroo, TomorrowLand (Livestream from home)

Top: Mamie Ruth Totally Twisted Top in Lemonade

Sweats: Mamie Ruth

Hair: Pink Flower Clip

Shoes: Teva in Celestial Print


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