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Status Update: I'm Alive && 10 Things I'm Working On

My last post was on September 8th. The reason I haven't written a post in weeks is because I am just wiped out. Essentially there have been things I'm working on and that is making me grow a lot spiritually and emotionally thus wiping out the physical self. It reminds me of being back at university again. Brain power burns calories. I've been taking so many naps. I used to HATE naps. Now I'm a Nap Queen in my castle. My days are consumed with strenuous growth that then requires adequate rest.

Why am I doing all this work? Besides it being part of my life's path and journey, I feel I need a good grounded foundation in my soul so that this writing project may flourish. I have to be fully happy with myself and who I am as a person before I share myself with an audience and the world.

What my current yoga practice looks like- Yoga with Adriene and breathtaking views from my high-rise apartment.

So what am I up to exactly? Here are the 10 things I'm working on:

  1. Interpersonal relationships. Giving the people in my life the attention and love they need so that in balance I find support for myself. I am seeking harmony.

  2. Physical exercise. I am starting to care and love my body like I never have before in my life. I engage in activities such as cardio (dancing, stair stepper, walking, swimming, riding my bike, or rowing) and weightlifting. I don't incorporate running in my routines because I feel like it is too impactful on the joints which I'm trying to protect. I prefer lower-impact cardio as I listed.

  3. Yoga & meditation. I've been a practicing yogi since 2010. I will write about my journey in a future post, but I wanted to make note that the way I practice has changed drastically. Starting in Bikram my beginnings were rooted in a misogynistic and abusive culture that I was completely naive to as it was always played off in the community as having "discipline." I have healed from those traumas and use it to find strength. I look at yoga practice today much more spiritually and I believe that's why being able to practice by myself has been so therapeutic. I need to tune inward. I am SO GRATEFUL for Yoga with Adriene. I have YouTube Premium so I watch all her videos ad-free.

  4. Self-care. Getting my nails professionally done, waxes, haircare, tanning, skin care routines... it all takes effort and dedication. I never had a full-fledged routine that followed a schedule so I'm currently trying to develop mine. I also am much more intentional with how I interact with my own body. When I'm putting on lotion I do it with love. When I'm brushing my teeth I do it with love. I am doing these things for myself because I love myself. It makes me feel good!

  5. Mental wellness. Journaling my feelings and shadow work. I have roughly 10 different notebooks/journals that I write in and each of them has their own purpose. I don't write in all of them daily, but I do rotate and try and give each of them my attention.

  6. Creative outlets && self-expression. Planning party outfits, researching DJ equipment, attending virtual Femme House workshops, decorating my home, sketching, writing, && dancing.

  7. Intellectual growth. I am currently reading two books (both astrology no surprises there) and constantly watching YouTubes on metaphysics, astrology, history, fashion, and art.

  8. RAVE RAVE RAVE!! I have EDSea cruise, EDC Orlando, and Home Bass coming up. I need to plan so many things like I said my party outfits, my flights, transportation, and hotels. Going to music festivals isn't about partying for me. It's about the music. Music is my religion. It helps me transcend to higher states of consciousness. It helps me process emotion and give me outlets for self-expression and creativity. Music festivals help me build confidence.

  9. Poshmark. I am in a "letting-go" phase. I have so much clothes that I've accumulated in my life that I took really good care of and hope to find them new homes. All my clothes have good vibes and it has been genuinely hard for me to let go. It's just that I'm not that person anymore. I only have like 1/3 of my closet listed. It's a lot of work for that side hustle. I'm also doing this to keep clothing out of the landfill. My pieces still have so much life in them!

  10. Christina Galbato's Blogger's Bootcamp. I'm floating between modules 3-5 out of 7. The modules are presented in a linear fashion but because my blog was already established I had to customize the bootcamp to my needs and that means bouncing around modules. The bootcamp has honestly been really helpful. I'm trying to implement her techniques as I go. I don't want to stall writing or stop posting because I'm consumed with the technical roles. I'm trying to find that balance of spending my time writing content and working on the aesthetic side of the blog. My current thoughts on my blog are that it's getting the job done, but it's not "clean" enough. I am trying to find a better flow. I'm also not set on these fonts or colors if I'm being honest.

See? Wouldn't all that wipe you out? I'm feeling like I need a nap or coffee after finishing writing.

Please continue to check-in and follow my Instragram @elektraflora . If you subscribe to my emails the only thing you will get (as of right now) is an email from me that is announcing I have a new blog post with a link to the site to continue reading. That's it! :)

Hope you have a fabulous day.



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2 Kommentare

02. Okt. 2023

Keep up the great work -- I am spending time working on myself a lot this month too, and its been so exhausting, even in the first few days. I know that it will all pay off though, and we'll both be so proud of the strides we've made!!

Gefällt mir
Elektra Flora
Elektra Flora
06. Okt. 2023
Antwort an

Thank you! I appreciate the kind words. <3

"It's not the destination, it's the journey." -Ralph Waldo Emerson


Gefällt mir
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