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Discovering Discipline && Finding Freedom (DD&&FF)

Yes that's a mouthful.





A mouthful of art. 👄

If you can't tell I enjoy "playing with words." I haven't explained my reasoning behind the double ampersands (&&) seen through out my writing, but there is symbolism behind it and it does represent something from my life.

I am keeping this blog post short. I wanted to communicate that my Twitch channel is up and I've already streamed a total of 3 times. My very first time was under two minutes, my second 37 minutes 15 seconds, and my most recent... dun dun dunnnn was an angel number coming in at 22 minutes and 21 seconds. No- I didn't plan that! The universe is giving me a sign I'm on the right track and 222 has been hitting lately!

My current goal is to familiarize myself with the Twitch platform and do test runs. My first stream that was under 2 minutes you can't even hear me because I had no clue YouTube was playing in the background. Oops. Lesson learned! Glad I did that with no one in there rather than a room full of people.

That's one of the underlying premises of my show- is to show people me trying new things. Of course I'm going fall, fail, mess up, fuck up, and more. That's how we learn as humans. TBH I think this is a fun concept because personally I want to know how the heck all these other people got to the point in their livestreaming career. How did they do it? Well.... I'm here to answer and document my trial && errors. You can now visualize the process and then see the final product.

Please follow me and or check out my archived livestreams.

I plan on livestreaming 7 days a week! Stay tuned. Tomorrow is Wednesday and we honor Mercury (Roman). The archetype is also represented in other culture's mythology by the names Hermes (Greek) and Thoth (Egyptian). I want to explore these archetypes more and find their synchronicities. In astrology Mercury governs the constellations Gemini && Virgo. :)

Hope you all have a great day.



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