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EDCLV 2023 && My Bday

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

In 2018 the stars aligned and Insomniac decided to move EDCLV from June to May... during my birthday. Every more reason to return every year. Who needs to plan a fkn bday party when you've got one of the biggest EDM fests in North America landing on your bday?

I go all out. I buy new outfits. I gamble. Go to fancy brunch. Get my make-up done at Chanel... somehow twice this time. It's become a tradition!

Day 1

Top & Skirt: Disco Lemonade Emerald Goddess Set

Necklace: Third Eye Pinecone

Earrings: High Society Gold Weed Leaves (on Wicked Hippie website)

Gold Glitter Flower Ring: Marina Fini (seen in the Livestream photo below)

Glasses: 1st Pair- Boulevard Glasses from Insomniac in Sage (pre-ordered before fest) & 2nd Pair- White Cat Eyes given to VIP guests (FO FREE... VIP gets random gifts like leis, visors, beanies, ect.)

Boots: Demonia Shaker-52

Pashmina & Hydro Pack: EDCLV 2022 Merch "Kinetic Bloom" Prints

Weed Pasties & Black Bottoms: Little Black Diamond

On the rail at Anabel Englund!

This was my 7th EDCLV and one thing I have started doing to make every year a little more different is to set goals for myself. They are completely fun and when I don't make those goals they are a reason to return the following year. This year one of my goals was to get on a livestream. I achieved within my first set of the weekend so I felt accomplished immediately. I also have my own little traditions in addition to the goals like -

  • Getting a new scent for the fest whether perfume, shampoo, or lotion.

  • How many times can I eat In-n-Out?

  • Taking "damage done" pics which are my post-rave hotel room selfies that I find funny AF. It's a vibe and a memory. See them in all 3 slideshows in this article as the last pic.

Getting my hair braided for free in VIP was also a tradition of mine for many years between LV & Orlando EDC's, but I have to say that after this year's experience I won't be returning. This year they had "Volta" host the beauty bar and I had to make an appointment with a credit card online which I've never done before. I got there early for my appointment and I still had to wait over an hour in a line. Then my hair did not look professionally done. I could've enjoyed actually watching Alison Wonderland rather than just hear her from around the corner. It still was a great experience and no regrets as I did walk out of there with a "vibe change." If you have never gotten your hair done in VIP I still recommend! Bring cash for tips around $10-$20. My personal tip - watch who is doing your hair before you get in the chair. I really think the woman who did my hair was not a professional braider. Word from the scene from other hair stylists was that the Volta beauty bar didn't even check credentials or resumes when hiring... I can't confirm nor deny that... just what I heard.

What do you think of my hair? Leave a comment in my blog below && be honest!

Day 2

Playsuit & BDay Headband: Etsy

Mini Pink Backpack: Insomniac//EDCLV 2023 Merch (I pre-ordered before fest)

Pink Heart Glasses: Wicked Hippie

Rainbow Ring: Marina Fini

Bandana: EDCLV Merch 2016

Light Up Flower Crown: Bluum

Shoes: Demonia Swing-105 + EDC Patches given in the ticket boxes for headliners to use creatively :)

My Bday was such a vibe. I will say I busted my ass in front of some guys in the VIP bathroom trailers. I was tired and with these tall ass stompers just totally missed the last step. Fell in slow motion. Bleeding all over my knee. Went to the med tent for the first time. I was just being positive and lucky me - EMT that fixed my boo-boo was so cute. We were definitely making eye contact. LOL.

I also just want to say a mini prayer for my koala that was given as a gift also in the bathroom (that's where half the funny stories come from no joke). I met a sweet Australian woman who gave him to me. I knew he would fall off my playsuit strap. :'( He's in my memories in this pic. I'm sorry for not guarding you with my life and just putting you in my backpack! Just another rave casualty.

Lastly, still loving how the patches looked on my boots. They were a cute addition and matched my sequin playsuit perfectly. Thank you Insomniac! <333

Day 3

Hat & Tank: EDCLV 2015 Merch

Bandana: EDCLV 2016 Merch

Blue Heart Glasses & Black Flower Choker: Wicked Hippie

Orange Flower Pin: EDCLV 2023 Merch

Shorts: Little Black Diamond

Hydro Pack: EDCLV 2022 Merch in "Kinetic Bloom" print

Lanyard: EDCLV 2023 VIP

Fluffies: Dolls Kill or Yandy??

Shoes: Buffalo London

I loved this outfit so much and I got the most compliments on it out of the three. I felt like an EDCLV cheerleader and on point with the checker shorts considering the 2023 merch had racecar theme to honor the Formula-1 race in Las Vegas this coming November. I also love how that orange Insomniac flower pin I bought at the merch tent tied my entire outfit together. I'm always trying to be on brand. :)

I must've just been radiating because I had a lot of interactions in this outfit including a guy straight up proposing on the dancefloor. I'm just minding my own business and homie slides in on one knee outta nowhere. He's to my bottom left and all I hear is "MARRY ME PLEASE MARRY ME!!" I see the guy doesn't have a damn ring. I say to him "Where's my kandi?" Here I am expecting him to be cute and PLUR with me... no mofo pulls out a stick of gum. I raise my eyebrows. "Seriously?! I want something that lasts a little longer than that!!" and I point to his arm stacked with a few kandi bracelets. Dude starts busting out laughing. "You are cute!! You're really cute you know that?!" Then homie runs off. -_- If you know him or you're him I got questions man. Why you gotta do me like that?! The f*ck. I didn't even get the gum or a kandi bracelet. LOL. If you can imagine this entire interaction took place with me wearing a bandana over my face, DnB raging in the background at the 30th Anniversary Art Car, and homie dancing circles around me the whole time. He had sweet ass dance moves that I'll never forget. Thank you for making me giggle.


GAH! EDC 2023 was everything and MORE! I don't know how but each EDC just gets easier and better. I don't see myself stopping anytime soon I love this event with my whole heart. It has made me who I am today. From 2015 to 2023 EDCLV has had me consumed. Once I leave the fest the countdown starts again. I buy my tickets that same week and start planning my outfits.

See ya at EDCLV 2024! <333



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