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EDSea b2b EDC Orlando 2023 Shoe Capsule

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

I had so much fun making a video yesterday I decided to do one again. I was feeling well rested and since it was so nice outside I figured I'd make my video on my building's rooftop. In my video I talk about the 6 pairs of shoes I wore on my 12 day trip to Florida for EDSea b2b EDC Orlando music festivals.

A pair of white sneakers goes with everything. I loved the holographic trim on these classics which gave them a more rave and EDM vibe.

I find these white slides to be more stylish than say Birkenstocks or Adidas slides. These were a little tight at first and I did have to break them in so that they were comfortable. I got a lot of compliments on these as they standout being in the ultra shiny white color.

Shoe #3 - Daisy Street Platforms in Rainbow && Cloud

I only wore these once on my trip but they were fun and comfortable. It is best to wear sandals that have a back strap on them like these for more support while dancing.

I had a guy tell me that the first thing he noticed in my Baewatch outfit was the pink shoes. They actually caught the attention of a few people. I had one woman say she really liked how I matched the shoes with the purse exactly. I forgot to note in the video I actually wore these on the last day of the cruise as well during the MasqueRAVE theme and that the pirate theme was actually "Ravers of the Caribbean" not "Pirates of the Caribbean."

I always wanted purple shoes! I actually wore these b2b at EDC Orlando on days 1 and 2. They were not broken in and I remember getting one blister on my pinky toe. These felt a tad bit tighter on the foot than those white holographic ones. The leathers aren't exactly the same just FYI. The lavender ones have a smoother and shinier look.

I love that these platforms gave me a bit more height. I wore them casually through out the trip and then the full day on the island. I remember when I was trying to plan what to wear to the island I was so confused on going more "music festival" or more "tourist." Like do I wear tennis shoes because I'll be dancing or do I wear sandals because I'm at a beach? The answer was definitely wear sandals. I took mine off plenty of times and the venue was a nicely groomed grass. I danced barefoot!

I loved all the shoes I brought for my trip. Like I said in my video my feet still got blisters and rubbed the wrong way which is normal. After I broke in my shoes none of them gave me any issues. The colors I selected were also very versatile and I was able to mix and match with numerous outfits.

Final thought on the Buffalo London Classic Lows

With a 90's inspired look and wide tread these shoes are a great option for EDM music festivals like EDSea && EDC Orlando. The shoe is very roomy inside. They do have some weight to them so expect sore calves if wearing for extended periods. The overall quality is excellent. I have a pair of rainbow classic lows I purchased years ago and they have held up through EDCLV, Bonnaroo, && Electric Forest! These shoes will last you years.

Final thoughts on the Carmen Sol Sandals

Chic && eco-friendly this brand of sandals has several options to fit your personal style for footwear while on a cruise, hanging out at the hotel, or going to the pool/beach. These sandals are made of recyclable material and are waterproof which was perfect for the pool decks of EDsea where it is slippery when wet! While I saw other people slipping around on deck while dancing, my sandals all had a grip to them. I would advise to still be careful as backless shoes are not first choice for dancing, but they were my preference for EDSea cruise specifically. I liked being able to take my shoes off and on quickly.

Let me know what you think of my EDSea b2b EDCOrlando 2023 shoe capsule! Do you like the colors and styles I chose? Would you get a pair? Have you worn these brands before? I'd love to hear from you!


Incase you're wondering what I wore in my video!

🛍️ Vlog Outfit Deets:

Sienna Color Music Note Hat: Mamie Ruth

Round Shaped Sunnies: Chanel

Gold Plated 222 Necklace: Poshmark

Sagittarius Bracelet & Taurus Drop Earrings: Les Néréides

Cloud Dress & Sweater Set: Delia's by Dolls Kill

White 3 Strap Jelly Sandals: Carmen Sol


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