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It's EDSea Week && I'm Packing!! {Festival Tip && Outfit Inspo}

Last night I woke up at 4AM realizing I passed out on my bed in the middle of packing for EDSea. It was a disaster with clothes everywhere, music on, and all the lights left on in my apartment. Oops! I cleaned up a little and went to bed properly for a second time. That was how I spent my Halloween evening and I truly enjoyed it. I essentially played dress up trying on all my music festival outfits first before folding and putting away in the suitcase.

Festival Tip: Have a full on dress rehearsal with your rave outfit at home! I wrote an earlier post about it helping build confidence while helping beat anxiety, but it also helps you remember those small details. A well thought out outfit is from head to toe and styled. Try on with all accessories like earrings and sunglasses. Are you rolling up any sleeves or tucking in something like strings or a top? How are you wearing your hair? Undergarments? Don't be stressing in your hotel room, instead make it an enjoyable and planned out experience at home pre-fest. Don't forget to put on some hype music && snap a selfie to share!
suitcase with rave and music festival clothes
Packing for edsea week

I have some outfits I like and want to take, but I'm trying to decide which day to wear. For example I have these two looks and not sure which one is for embarkation day of EDSea and which one is for Day 1 of EDC Orlando. Just FYI I have two outfits for embarkation day. I am taking myself out to a nice dinner and am definitely going to want to change out of whatever I had been wearing when I got on the ship. I can't wait for my embarkation dinner outfit! It's a super cute white sequin daisy jumpsuit with 70's vibes. I'm not going to post a preview because I want there to be an element of surprise for some of my outfits!

raver girl
EDSea and EDC Orlando Outfits

Outfit Details:

Nauti Skipper (Left):

Top: LuxMuse Corset Top (No more ivory color available but here's a Black Version)

Bottom: LuxMuse Coachella Skirt (limited release)

Disco Fairy (Right):

Dress: Disco Lemonade Trance Angel (this exact dress is sold out, but you can find same style in different fabric options currently available)

They're both cute ensembles and I like how they turned out! I like the LuxMuse 2-piece for embarkation because the captain's snapback hat and flirty skirt make me feel like I'm a skipper or someone who works on the boat. I also think the Disco Lemonade dress will be more comfortable at EDC Orlando since that event is all day (basically 1pm-12AM) outdoors. I just need a pashmina scarf to cover my shoulders and I'll be good to go!

I want to forewarn readers that I don't know what my vibe is going to be for the next 2 weeks. I might go HAAM or I might disconnect from social media and writing. I am a person who likes to enjoy my experience. I am focusing on what feels right and authentic to me. So we will see! I don't want to commit to anything considering I'm new to blogging and haven't found a workflow yet. I'm getting there though!

Gotta run. I'm about to get the rave nails did and I still have to finish packing. I leave tomorrow! I can't believe it's EDSea Week!!

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May your day be blessed with light, love, && positivity. <333



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1 commentaire

02 nov. 2023

Great tips! I love trying out a few outfit options too. Enjoy the festival!

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