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How Metaphysics && Astrology Pushed Me into DJ’ing

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true- Metaphysics && Astrology pushed me into DJ’ing and I want to share my story in hopes of it helping people find their true paths as well. My spiritual awakening started around 2016, but the process is not linear. It’s exponential. It really took off more specifically around February 2023. Coincidentally February 2023 was also the same time Jupiter was making it’s return to the original spot in the sky at the moment I was born- in front of the constellation Aries.

Time is a concept I think about a lot. It’s relative. It’s something humans made up. “It’s an illusion Michael.” -Arrested Development. “It’s Jeremy Bearimy.” -The Good Place. I recently started understanding that astrology has it’s own reference of time and multiple timeline branches. One reference of time is that of Jupiter taking 12 years to orbit the sun. In my story, my Jupiter was finishing it’s 3rd loop around the sun thus making the planet become heavily activated in my present time. Think of it as my 3rd Jupiter Birthday. As Jupiter was making it’s comeback to the sign of Aries in Western Astrology it was similarly making a comeback in Chinese Astrology to the sign of the Rabbit. 2023 is considered my "Ben Ming Nian." It can bring lots of luck, but only when overcoming major challenges. I'm only half way through the year and I've already been lucky enough to meet my favorite music artist Tove Lo and then had money dumped on my head at EDCLV. The universe rewards those who play the game and understand some of it’s fundamental principles. This is where metaphysics comes into play.

Metaphysics came to me one particular night as I was packing up my things from my last home. I had had enough of my marriage. I don’t want to talk about that right now, but just know that it is another life change that I am currently embracing. As I was packing up my civil engineering degree it had a sharp metal piece sticking out of the back of the frame and it ripped a hole in my 2022 Electric Forest 2-Piece tie-dye sweatsuit I was wearing.

That moment changed me. Instead of getting upset that I just ruined a collectable piece of merchandise from a festival that I love, I thought to myself “This will be a good memory. This hole will forever remind me of the strength I had to end my marriage. I am proud of myself.”

My thinking and life had changed that very instant. That was my pinpointed spiritual “ah-ha” moment.

Metaphysics entails being conscious of self and a logical way of thinking. You can create your own reality. Prior to this spiritual awakening my life was extremely dark. I actually thought I was living in hell. I felt figuratively chained to my desk at work because I had spent all this time, money, and effort studying civil engineering. It took me 7 years to graduate because I was not prepared to go into a major like that straight from high school. My mathematics level was so low I was placed in pre-college algebra. It took me two years of preparation classes in order for me to be proficient enough to take freshman engineering level courses such as physics 1 and calculus 1. I will never forget when I went to declare my major at community college so they could help me transfer to university the counselor responded “Are you sure you want to do engineering? It’s really hard.” I rolled my eyes at her. Someone tells me I can’t do something… it made me want to do it even more.

Example of angel numbers and how they show up in the everyday life. These were the first signs/messages from Higher Power that I am not alone and I am on the right spiritual path.

I moved out of my marital home into a brand new high-rise apartment building. This place is literally everything I could have imagined. I had struggled looking for apartments because I actually wanted to move out of Raleigh, NC. I was given legal advice to not move out of state during this major life transition. I am glad I listened because she was alluding more to mental health and that I needed to have an established support system during this difficult time. I am so grateful for the family and friends who have been supporting me through not only divorce, but a career change.

Today I woke up with the sun shining and for the first time ever I genuinely felt like I was in heaven. My dreams have become my reality and I had nowhere to be and no one to account to except myself. I can be in the present and do what I want. My options were my passions that could easily be divided into the human experience - body (yoga/workout), mind (read/write), or spirit (fashion/music). Incredible.

I quit civil engineering on April 5th, 2023 and I haven’t worked a day since then and now I understand that quote “Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” The thing was I didn’t understand how I could turn what I loved into money. My interests and passions seemed so vastly different that I didn’t know how I could possibly tie these things together. I kept telling my mother that the environment and sustainability were important to me and she was convinced that people who were interested in fashion wouldn’t want to hear about the environment. They just wanted to see clothes and vice-versa. Somehow… I feel like I was able to tie it all together. Fashion, music, philosophy, astrology, engineering, spirituality, the environment… I could do it through writing. I can actually do anything I want through writing.

I have to admit that writing has come full circle for me. I didn’t understand writing was an art nor that I could be creative with the craft. I thought if I studied English or literature in university my only options for careers would be a teacher, editor or author. That didn’t pique my interest at the time. Engineering though… that sounded so cool! Not only did the field sound interesting, but the sound of “I’m an engineer” rang well to my ears. That’s what I wanted to be. I also have to admit that I was genuinely curious about calculus and physics. I didn’t know what it was and I wanted to learn.

I have to note that I have a love/hate relationship with higher education right now. I love higher learning and am an advocate, but I hate how capitalist it has become. I have student loan debt still… I’m a millennial for God’s sake. Schools have become businesses. Just like healthcare. They want your money and the fundamentals of these societal pillars are buried underneath greed. Even though I was a collegiate cheerleader and am a supporter of sports I honestly hate the culture it’s become. School is for learning, not sports games. I remember a former co-worker of mine laughed at my school Cal Poly Pomona for not having a football team. Who cares?! I’m here to learn about physics, not watch some dude I don’t even know toss around a ball.

I digress, but I bring this up because I got what I wanted out of college. An education. A really great one honestly. I am proud to say I have my bachelor’s of science in civil engineering with an environmental option. Learning about subjects such as structural analysis, water treatment, and sustainability. This is complex knowledge that I obtained and no one can strip from me. Knowledge is power.

I studied for my professional engineering license for 10 years and sadly never obtained. I am proud of myself for never giving up and I don’t consider it a failure. I think of it as a bootcamp. For 10 years I studied my ass off. Over and over. Every time I took that exam I would ace one section then fail another. I know I know these concepts and I’m not going to let this insane 110-question 5-hour exam define me. It has made me more mentally agile honestly. The brain is like a muscle and while everyone else in the world was caught up on Instagram or television I was locked away in a room somewhere trying to solve an engineering problem in under 3 minutes. Yep. That’s the average time you have to solve the problem. It takes me about 5-7 minutes for the harder ones and I honestly think that’s why I never passed. It was the timing. That’s why my scores varied so much. I remember one exam the time had ended when I still had 20 more questions to go.

Synchronicity…. I was talking about time and somehow led into that rabbit hole of my license exam… synchronicity again because I wrote earlier about how it's the year of the rabbit and I’m a rabbit…

This is how metaphysics and astrology works. Finding patterns in reality and using logic to understand their meanings. When you start to see symbolism in your everyday life it becomes one large puzzle. It’s truly a game. Enter Florence Scovel Shinn’s “The Game of Life and How to Play It.” I have now listened to this audio book at least 5 times this year. I’ve listened to it numerous times because everytime I feel like I’m delusional it reminds me that I’m not. This game of life is real and this woman knows a lot of the rules.

Other signs from the universe. They might not make sense to you, but that's because they are for me.

So how metaphysics && astrology pushed me into DJ’ing? I’ve been playing by the rules of the “Game of Life” in my day-to-day thinking while using astrology as a road map. I like to imagine myself as a little avatar with a backpack on and a map climbing a great mountain. Before I got on this mountain path, I was on a very dark and winding forest trail. This sounds like a fairytale and honestly that’s what this is and that’s what those stories are alluding to- complex human experiences told through entertaining stories. Fairytales have characters that are archetypes and these are the same archetypes we have inside us too. Astrology also has archetypes and those are presented as the 12 zodiac signs. We have all 12 of those zodiac archetypes in us as well.

As I studied my astrological birthchart I noticed that I had a lot of challenges in my life revolving around themes of self-expression (Jupiter & Venus in 5th House) and the need to communicate my emotions with other people in order to fully process what I’m feeling (Moon 3rd House Square Mercury 7th House). I found strengths pointing to writing and the arts. My chart shows that my true “fortune” lies in me finding joy through communication in a unique way (Part of Fortune 3rd House Aquarius).

When I started formulating conclusions based on my experiences and feelings of intuition I decided to take a leap of faith and pivot towards the path the stars had given me originally.

My engineering path was a constructed path that was unfortunately convoluted with other people’s opinions. It was not a path I chose from the heart. Society pressured me to get a respectable job like engineering because it is practical and you make “good money.”

Is that what I’m here on earth to do? To make “good money”? I think not. I can tell you that I got to that point and it was a dead end. I felt like I was trapped in The Matrix. My day to day felt as if it were some purgatory. Working in a cubicle is like a prison sentence for me. I felt so suffocated in the dress code and having to sit inside all day. I could barely be creative with my designs. I loved doing design, don't get me wrong, but it was all in black and white. I am a colorful person working in black and white literally. It was driving me mad.

I quit! Seriously not coming in and not giving my two weeks. Towards the end of my career it was actually quite manipulative. I would get calls at random hours throughout the week nights & weekend asking if I was working on a project. They kept an extremely tight leash on me and I couldn’t disconnect. My life revolved around engineering and it wasn’t even making me happy. It was making me miserable. The only way I was able to handle it at the time was I would “pretend DJ” at my desk. I essentially would have large headphones on and always be streaming a set or playlist I made while doing design. My co-workers got a kick out of it as I was active and sometimes even dancing or raving at my desk. I feel lucky I at least had music to soothe me in the day to day. I would drown out everyone and just focus on my work. It unfortunately became isolating. I couldn’t connect well with people at work because they were in the same type of rut as me. Some of them had much more responsibility actually managing projects. Glad I never got that far honestly.

I started looking at the people around me and although I’m sure they were living happy lives I noticed how stressed out they were with the actual job. I was actually in an extremely stressful field and I didn’t realize until I was already at my breaking point. The most stressful things about engineering were dealing with politics, constant forced continuing education, budgets, time lines, solving problems no one has the answer to, the public, trying to be ethical, entitled clients… it entails an amalgam of things. I saw some post recently on Instagram about DJ’s actually having stressful jobs. Dude all you gotta do is play music. How about actually trying to solve real-world problems like flooding because climate change has gotten so bad?

I also started feeling just bored of it all. I have a never ending quenching thirst to learn and try new things. It’s the Gemini && Sagittarius in me. I am so curious. I felt like there wasn’t much more to explore down that engineering career field anymore. It was a “been there done that” feeling and I wanted to try something completely new. Something more creative.

That led me to wanting to be a DJ. I’ve always enjoyed curating playlists everywhere I go since I was a teen. I’ve been obsessed with music since the age of 7 and want to pursue my passions. I also want to be able to express myself through my fashion and being a music artist grants that freedom. If I wore a meat dress like Lady Gaga to the office I would get taken straight to the psych ward, yet because she’s an “artist” she’s making a statement and society grants her the ability to wear whatever she wants. It’s unjust I tell ya!

I could ramble on about why I want to be a DJ but I’m not going to do that. I just set up my gear and it’s all lit up just begging me to come play with it! It’s time to stop talking about it and start turning my dreams into a reality.

To sum it up a little more clearly on how Metaphysics && Astrology Pushed Me into DJ’ing:

  • Metaphysics : I changed my perception and understood that the physical world is actually a construct of the mind. The universe communicates and gives me signs. Signs can come in many forms everything from angel numbers to animals to a flyer I got in the mail. I use logic to understand synchronicity and symbolism of what it is that High Power is trying to tell me. I use intuition and imagination to decipher the message. Understanding the fundamental principles of the words "faith" "gratitude" "love" "abundance" && "acceptance" have carried me on my journey and will continue to do so. The universe provides and I so graciously accept. I do not worry about my past or future. I live in the present.

  • Astrology : Using the birthchart as a road map for my spirit/soul. We have free will and this is isn't about predicting the future. I saw where my strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and fortunes can be found so that I can navigate life more smoothly. I have a purpose. My astrology birthchart alluded that I have strengths in writing, music, and arts which was enough "evidence" for me that I'll be OK if I decide to go this route. I'm going with the flow instead of working against the grain.

I feel as if I don't follow the cookie crumb trail to fulfilment on the top of the great mountain, I will end up back in that haunted dark forest of my past wandering around aimlessly. All signs point towards being able to revel in self-expression and playtime. I need to let the things that brought me joy as a child thrive as an adult. That's my life's purpose. What's yours?


Life is a beautiful, complex, magical, and mysterious thing. Enjoy it while you can because time is a sneaky bastard. Time comes to show you that nothing in life lasts forever, not even life itself.


DJ Elektra Flora

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