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My First Music Festival, Why My Outfits Fell Apart, && 5 Key Takeaways

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

My first music festival was Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas (EDCLV) 2015. I remember I spent an entire year planning what I wanted to wear. I was excited to put together a fun outfit that could really reflect who I was as a person (spoiler- a cannabis lover lol). I also was interested in a new form of fashion - dance and ravewear. I spent an obsessive amount of time on a website called Polyvore where I could clip the items I wanted to create a vision board and that was how I originally pieced my outfits together. I believe most of my items were from iHeartRaves, Etsy, and Yandy.

My first music festival at EDCLV Electric Daisy Carnival
EDCLV 2015 Day 1

Day 1

Here it is my first ever rave outfit. I had tried to do a "Rainbow Daisy" theme. Unfortunately that outfit didn't even last walking down the bleachers. I never even wore a wig before and I had zero bobby pins or a cap. I literally just put it on top of my head and walked out the hotel room. As you can see in the picture it's falling off my head and was not secure.

I wore a crop black tee with a daisy printed on the front, basic black bottoms that were popular at the time (3 straps on each side), lime green leg wraps, and rainbow striped fluffies that spot on matched the wig. Of course I needed a highlighter yellow "Party" fanny pack.

That was also my first time wearing leg accessories. I remember going straight to the locker to take off the wig, leg wraps, & fluffies.

The wig looked cute on the shuttle bus to the venue at least (L). My hair lookin like shiza an hour later (R).

Day 2

I decided to go with a rainbow marijuana crop tank and purple shorts. I accessorized with some cool neon pink fringe leg wraps that had heart kandi beads dangling and the highlighter yellow "Party" fanny pack again.

Those leg wraps lasted about 5 minutes. I walked down the bleachers and they were falling off. I again went straight to the locker to take those off. I also did not know what to do with my hair. This is pre- space bun and festival braids era. I guess the high pigtails sufficed.

Day 3

I wore an official Snoop Dogg bodysuit, rose flower crown in rasta colors, black fishnet thigh highs, and yellow frosted fluffies. I again did not plan my hair style and it looks like I just had it in a messy bun with the flower crown.

The straps were so long my titties were poppin out. There was actually a piece of kandi tied to the back of the straps so I could survive the night. This was before I started wearing pasties- I was such a noob!

Last pic was taken at the funkHOUSE stage where Anastasia Funkhouse was born! I'll write about rave names and alter-egos in the future.

In the end I was happy with how I styled my outfits even though they didn't hold up. I had fun and it was a learning a experience. I remember feeling like I wanted to return to EDCLV the following year just for a re-do because I didn't feel fully satisfied. I wanted more.

Little did I know EDCLV was going to become a huge part of my life and I would be going every year from then on! :)

Here are 5 Key Takeaways when planning your first rave outfit for your first music festival-

  1. DO A JUMP TEST! A jump test is where you put on your rave outfit and just jump around and go crazy in it in your bedroom. It sounds silly, but so essential. If I had done this I would've known that all my outfits would fall apart. The wig, the leg accessories, my titties popping out... I was a mess!

  2. Even if you don't plan on showing them, pasties are still a great idea for low cut tops. There was one rave I was having a conversation with another chick I just met. I remember looking down and for some reason my entire left tittie just hanging out of my dress for the entire world to see. It was a halter tie up dress and neither of us even noticed (obviously we both were litty). I was so grateful to be wearing pasties that day!

  3. Always get a locker. A locker can be your meet up spot and mini closet. It's a place to retreat to and yours for the weekend (or day). If I didn't have one I would have had to carry all that extra $hit around with me.

  4. Break in your shoes! You can't tell but I was in excruciating pain in every single one of these photos. I almost couldn't walk. For some strange reason after getting one blister my first day in Las Vegas it turned into a ton of blisters. I had blisters all over both my feet. NGL kinda traumatic.

  5. Kandi matches with everything. PLUR <333



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