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Another Month... Another Music Fest

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

See. The whole reason I started this blog. I barely even finished my laundry from Elements and I'm already having to pack for.... dun dun dunnnnn... Imagine Music Festival!

Image taken from Imagine website

I've never attended Imagine Music Festival so this will be a first. I'm trying to go in with an open mind && good vibes because if you remember from an earlier post I was at the infamous TomorrowWorld 2015, another EDM camping music fest in the greater Atlanta, GA area. TomorrowWorld received a lot of negative press due to the festival not sufficiently preparing the grounds for rainy weather and chaos ensuing with flooded grounds and stranded attendees. The fest got shut down and it is now no longer in existence. It wasn't horribly traumatizing, but it was a very unsettling experience.

Artists I'm trying to catch: Sofi Tukker, Elderbrook, Dom Dolla, John Summit, Dombresky, VNSSA, and Chris Lake, Dr. Fresch, Big Gigantic, Slander, Dillon Francis b2b Knock2, Rezz, and Vintage Culture.

My EDM taste is mostly house and techno with a little trance. I can't do bass or dubstep. Hardstyle I can take like 5 seconds of it. I like drum n' bass too but I haven't really dove into that genre. I'm really excited to catch Sofi Tukker again. This will be my 3rd time seeing them. They were my absolute favorite set from Bonnaroo 2023. I saw them again at Electric Forest the following week but did not enjoy that show. It was packed and I could not see the stage at all when their show is highly visual. They had extremely colorful outfits, dancers, playground props, and just a very dynamic and captivating set. I'm 5'0" and stay toward the back. I do not like being in crowds because I am petite and tall people's elbows are perfect height to hit my face. I spent most of that show anxiously trying to find a good spot in the back behind trees, a ton of people, and then the stage did not have a large screen projected so even worse.

Sofi Tukker at Bonnaroo Which Stage 2023 (photo taken by me)
Electric Forest Ranch Arena Stage 2023 (photo taken by me)

My outfits are somewhat coming along. I definitely want to do a boho/vintage look one of the days even though this is an EDM fest. I just feel like since I'll be in Georgia I wanted to wear some of my Mamie Ruth pieces. I know I'm going to need a hat because weather is predicted to be sunny and HOT!!

Hat, Mustard Yellow Swimsuit, and Skirts (both) all by Mamie Ruth.

Which skirt should I go with?! The short one is actually sheer. Should've gotten a back pic.. oops.

I really need to get these bell bottoms hemmed because I want to take them to the fest to wear at night. I want to start emphasizing on my blog that I do have a petite frame. I'm only 5'0 and float around 135-140 lbs with 32DD bra. I remember growing up thinking I would never make it in the fashion industry in any sense because I was so short and curvy. Well, I'm breaking boundaries here because fashion is for everyone. I've seen a major push in plus size... but umm what about petites? I feel like we are forgotten just because we have the flexibility to "remove/shorten/hem" and not "add" fabric to clothes. It just creates some really bad proportions. Don't even get me started on my Abercrombie & Fitch days. Those clothes did not fit me well at all. The arms specifically were always too small in the bicep and long in the length where I'd have to roll up my sleeves.

Top & Bell Bottoms: Mamie Ruth

Sneakers: Buffalo London

Note: The very first pic I don't have shoes on but the second one I do. Look at all that extra fabric! Short people problems.

I am going to keep this post short (pun intended haha) because I am going to get going on actually packing and prepping for the fest. Hope you all have a fabulous Friday.



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