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2023 Elements Music Fest Review && Being in My Element

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

This Venus in Retrograde (Check out Chani Nichols on Venus in Retrograde in Leo 2023 for more info) really has been hitting me hard. I feel like I've been growing a lot spiritually and emotionally and it's required a lot of introspection which means being kinda anti-social. I mean I'm not fully anti-social because I'm actually an extrovert, but I've really enjoyed my peace and quiet. My main activities these past few weeks have been reading and journaling in complete silence. I've been joking to myself that Elements Music Fest was all about me "Being in My Element" and "Surviving All Four Elements." Essentially I kept to myself and then with the harsh weather patterns I was just trying to survive.


More recently and within these past couple of days I have been playing catch-up with my sleep and much needed rest from Elements Music Festival held in Long Pond, PA. It was a smaller fest I have never been to but was recommended by other Electric Forest attendees. I was told if I liked Electric Forest that Elements was a close second in terms of providing the same type of #musicfestival atmosphere.

Water Stage at Elements MF

#Fashion && What I wore

I want to point out that I am not a huge picture-taker. I've struggled internally with trying to live in the moment versus pulling out a camera and being behind a lens. I am not camera shy, but I also don't make it a priority to take pictures. I am working on that though! I want to be more creative and have good pictures for my blog. I bring this up because the following pictures are not really to my standards. I'm not using it as an excuse or getting critical of my work... it's all a learning experience that I am happy to be going through! I am really hating my neighbors car in the background. I didn't get any pictures of back of my outfits. I also didn't take many pictures at the festival in general. It was slim pickins' for this blog post! I also don't have a phone case or tripod. I'm just free ballin'! I will be working on making sure my next photoshoot is more to my liking.

Day 1 - Daytime Look

I knew I wanted to wear this DiscoLemonade dress all day. I am a big person on taking a break from the festival and coming back to camp to change my vibe. That means putting my feet up, eating snacks, hydrating, and changing for a night look. I also carry different items with me during the day vs. night so I usually re-pack. For example during the day I need a hat and sunglasses but at night I like to wear my light-up flower crown and orbit flow toy to play with at shows.

Hat: Mamie Ruth

Scarf: EDCLV 2023 Premiere Shuttle Gift/Merch

Sapphire Dress: DiscoLemonade

Boots & Coral Orange Socks: Dr. Martens

LoVe U to Death Mini Backpack & Blue Heart Sunnies: Wicked Hippie

I loved this outfit. It was very me in a sense that I was wearing glam sparkly dress and reppin' EDCLV. The blues tied in pretty well and although you can't see very well the coral socks pulled out that extra pop of color. The Dr. Marten boots were a great choice as I didn't get any blisters especially with their double layered socks. I loved that the boots were slip on and I didn't have to spend anytime lacing them back up when I took them off. I take my shoes off a lot at fests. I typically bring a blanket to lay out on in the very back of the crowd when I have that ability. I'm not much of being in the middle of the crowd person.

Day 1 - Nighttime Look

NGL I wore that Sapphire DL dress for John Summit specifically. He's my DJ crush so I've got to look decent. At night I paired the dress with my LuxMuse Gemini coat that kept me cozy and at a perfect temperature. Not too hot or cold! I love this jacket so much it even has a hood and pockets.

Flower Crown: Bluum

Gemini Jacket: LuxMuse

LoVe U to Death Mini Backpack: Wicked Hippie

Day 2

Femme House takeover stage got me hyped! Nothing more empowering than also wearing handmade pieces by women-owned businesses. I've been a loyal Little Black Diamond customer since 2015. I stand by the brand <3 They mix in some non-LBD brand items so you've got to make sure it says handmade in San Diego for the authentic pieces. This purple one was and why I wanted to get myself the set.

Sunglasses: Spunglasses

Bandana: RNBW

2-Piece Chihiro Lavender Love Set: Little Black Diamond

Boots & Socks: Dr. Martens

Day 3

Day 3 I just was wiped out from all the gravel and walking that I just wanted to chill. I had brought a dress but figured wearing a two-piece would be more suitable for being active. A hat and sunglasses are always essential for me. I've had this Grassroots hat since 2016 and the Spunglasses since 2023 both purchased at Bonnaroo.

Sunglasses: Spunglasses

Black Moon Lilith Lace Up Top & Gypsy Moon Shorts: LuxMuse

Boots & Socks: Dr. Martens


Let's talk #music. My most memorable sets were John Summit and LP Giobbi. John Summit always throwing in a little something experimental and trying to surprise us. LP jammin' gets me energized and in a good mood. I discovered DJ Shango at the Air Stage. I was captivated after stumbling upon the artist in the wooded portion of the festival grounds. There was a smooth and easy groove perfect for a Sunday afternoon. Definitely raised my spirits. Like I said before I was "In My Element" during this fest and I feel like I missed a lot of music because I just didn't push myself hard enough to make it to all the sets I had planned on attending.


Being the #Taurus that I am I ate lots of good #food including breakfast at a #local spot right outside the venue called Pocono Organics. I ate here before going into the festival on Friday morning. I figured I'd get a decent breakfast before the chaos. I felt so lucky because that breakfast was so delicious and hit the spot. I got a Farmer's Hash and enjoyed the fresh veggies plus that seasoning they put on the potatoes. The iced white chocolate mocha and croissant also scrumptious! They also had a market with a wide selections of items where I got their CBD drinks and organic soap + hand sanitizer.

I also ate Ice Box ice cream like 4x while at the festival. There was a delicious broccoli tempura place I had dinner on Saturday night. Went to town on that on Sunday for lunch after taking a $12 shower.

Air Stage at Elements MF

Overall I definitely enjoyed this festival and would recommend. People I interacted with were nice. The venue and stages were beautiful. Infrastructure and facilities were organized and pretty clean for being a festival. Not perfect, but not horrendous. I have to be honest that the gravel and terrain are a more difficult level. I loved being in nature. When I was at my campsite late at night I could see all the stars and the moon that hung so delicately in it's waning crescent phase. One of my favorite things to do is sit at my campsite in silence as I can hear the festival raging in the background. It's like being in a little pocket of space away from all the chaos. It warms my heart knowing everyone is having a great time and music is what brought us all together.



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