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NGL My Life Revolves Around Music Festivals

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

After my first massive festival EDCLV 2015, I was hooked. EDCLV 2016 was SO FAR AWAY. I was dying to go to another one immediately and I could not wait an entire year. Dun Dun Dunnn... enter TomorrowWorld 2015 (Atlanta, GA). Why yes... I did attend Mudfest 2015. That makes me a survivor.

#TW15 #vibes #miserable

If you can't tell by the look on my face I was not super happy. I was ill-prepared first of all. I didn't bring water or food. What a mistake!!! The festival's vendors closed down due to the bad weather and I was basically starving half the time scavenging off my PLUR neighbors. One neighbor ended up becoming one of my best friends in the whole wide world. I love you my rave bestie! <3 I didn't think I'd talk about TomorrowWorld today, but I guess I brought it up because that was my second music festival experience. It really shaped my outlook on how disasterous a festival can be when not fully prepared. I didn't even have water proof shoes. I had Van high tops that luckily held up- thank the rave gods!

That brings me into how my life genuinely revolves around music festivals and why I started this blog. It's a lifestyle. I'm always thinking about them and planning for them. It's a hobby and passion. I love it for so many reasons including meeting people from all over the world & making new friends. I also like being in a trendy scene. I love technology, fashion, music, and art. Ideas and new forms of connection between human-beings are always emerging from these events. It's fascinating.

So what am I getting at? Well quick story, after Electric Forest 2023 driving home I was in Ohio and a deer jumped out in front of my car. My car was totaled. I was so tired from Bonnaroo b2b Electric Forest festivals && volunteering at both that I just couldn't even process it emotionally at the time. It's now been one month and I still do not have a vehicle. I have not stressed one bit because I am on that positivity train. I do not believe in coincidences. I genuinely believe this was by design and I walked away from that accident with only minor bruising. My guardian angels were present.

I am now in the market for a new vehicle. What are my stipulations? It has to be good for music festival camping. You heard that straight, I am buying a vehicle that would be best for going to music festivals and I am so excited!

Important to me:

  • Made in America

  • SUV with 4WD

  • Top-Notch speaker system

  • Sunroof/Topless

  • Leather seats

  • Advanced technology capabilities & entertainment

  • Safety features like Driver's Assist

  • Integration with Apple products

  • Easy access, storage, and security for camping gear

  • Comfortable for long road trips

  • Can conquer the toughest music fest challenges like mud && deer

Buying a car can be daunting, but I am going to make it fun. I'll do my research for which vehicle is best for music festivals and share all the deets in a future post. Until then I'll be test drivin' and blasting "Rhyme Dust" by Dom Dolla & MK to test the speakers on that b. If the sound system ain't bumpin' it'll be a no.

Turn it up.



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