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OOTD: EDC Matchy-Matchy Merch

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

This is an outfit I would wear as a quick throw on to grab food in the morning at Camp EDCLV or perhaps walking around the resort at HomeBass in Orlando, FL. As a fashionWHORE and musicADDICT I love to rep my favorite festivals with official merch I've bought through the years. Some of my merch pieces really stand out on their own and I need to pair with something basic to not overpower the outfit.

This outfit ain't glamorous, but it's got all the vibezzzz. Brunch? Dance? Smoke? Shop? Take off my shoes and jump in the pool? I can do anything in this outfit! So stretchy for all the activities. I almost listed yoga, but erased it because even though I consider myself a yogi longer than a festival head I have NEVER made it to yoga at any festival ever. Just never happens for me... Shopping though. Whenever I get the chance even if it is some wook tryna sell me mini cutlery... sure. Whatcha got?!

I also never leave the room without sunscreen! My face is a "vampire" and sunlight is not allowed to touch it so sunscreen, sunglasses, and hat are always a part of my fit. I genuinely am wearing the Coola products listed below because I was about to go to my community's pool after my lil photoshoot.

Festivals: Camp EDCLV && HomeBass Orlando

Bucket Hat & Fanny Pack: EDCLV 2021 Merch

Socks & Water Bottle: EDCLV 2017 Merch

Sunglasses: Insomniac 2023 Boulevard Glasses in Sage

Rainbow Braided Bracelet: EDCLV 2018 Ticket Box

90's Black Choker Necklace: Found under "The Giving Tree" at Electric Forest 2022 (Thank you to whoever left it with that yummy Mexican candy && scrunchie!!!! Such a good gift and I'm forever grateful.)

Pink Lightening Bolt Earrings: The Vintage Bee

Rainbow Ring: Marina Fini

2-Piece Rib Activewear Set in Blanco: Rave with Mi Gente

Shoes: Buffalo London Classic Sneakers

Face: Coola Dew Good Illuminating Serum Sunscreen SPF30

Body: Coola Classic Body Organic Sunscreen Spray SPF30

2017 Ticket Box & VIP Lanyard

Just as a little history, 2017 was actually the first year they started using the new edc font for all their marketing. Looks like they were transitioning while some items were already in production. The ticket box has the old logo while the VIP lanyard && merch purchased at the fest were the new ones. Just figured I'd share because I was trying to verify what year I purchased the socks & water bottle. Thought this was odd and never noticed it before!

Oops. My bad!

Also want to say I dropped my water bottle within the second day of having it. Every time I look at it it looks like the smiley face fell and bumped it's head. It's like we're both on a forever bender.




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