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Prepping for My Next Fest...!!

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Yippie!! I am so excited to be going to a festival I have never attended before and spending time in a state I haven't visited. I am going to my first Elements Music Festival in Long Pond, PA. I started working on my outfits last night which really got me pumped. I definitely need to make some more kandi as my stash is looking light. The beauty routine is already in action!

Elements was highly recommended to me by numerous Electric Forest attendees. I have heard that the vibes are very similar in terms of community and venue.

Artists I'm looking forward to:

  • LP Giobbi - Queen of house RN!! Her smile && visuals to the music with her bangin on the keyboard is so captivating && infectious. Saw this babe like 6x between 2021-2022 NGL. She's also the Femme House co-founder. Femme House is a non-profit to get more women in music.

  • Elderbrook - This man is a one man show. His singing, playing several instruments, DJ'ing, and dancing are not to be missed.

  • John Summit - Need I say more? If you like house music and haven't heard of him yet then you must be new here....

  • Eli & Fur - Discovered this duo during pandemic Tomorrowland stream and caught them live 2022 EForest. Love the chill vibes.

  • Chris Lake - Please let's keep the stripper poles at home ladies. It's just weird AF when you're trippin and to come across that... I mean you do you boo boo.... I ain't judging... anywho Chris Lake is also for dem house heads.

  • Seven Lions - 7L gotta a little bit for everybody in a good way. He's got something for the boys and for the girls. He will make you cry and go hard then sing on the top of your lungs then cry then hug then smile then laugh then just everything... Essentially Seven Lions will take you on a magical music journey.

  • Gem & Tauri - Love these babes energies and astrology vibessss and they share Seven Lions? Ummm yah we're all jelly of this love triangle. LOL! These babes do bring the music so I am not underestimating their talents by any bit. They put on a great show. Loved how much DnB they brought to their EDCLV set.

  • Lane 8 - Spiritual journey // healing music. Def all the vibes. If you see people crying just let them be!! <3

  • Will Clarke - Gahhh I hope he brings da techno... da DIRTY DIRTY TECHNO PLZ!

  • Gorgon City - Tech house vibes.

  • Tinlicker - Chilll chillll

  • Skrillex - I am going out of respect for the man's musical accomplishments and him being a headliner. I do like his JackU project with Diplo. Not a huge dubstep or bass fan. So if it gets all wubby dubby I'm out.

  • Dot - Recommended to me. My friend said I BETTER NOT miss her. So OK... Imma go.

  • Coco & Breezy - Caught them first time at Femme House stage at EDCLV. Chill and upbeat.

Experiences I'm looking forward to:

The health && wellness opportunities, meeting up with friends in the scene, making new friends, hanging in my hammock somewhere, camping, discovering new music, Femme House stage takeover shopping, and eating yummy vendor foods.

Outfits I'm excited to wear:

I am obsessed with LuxMuse && DiscoLemonade RN! I can't wait to wear my cute 'n sexy DL dresses with a luxurious && cozy LuxMuse jacket. I'm also a big fan of the playsets from both brands and bringing a few. Pure fairy fashion heaven! I do have to admit I leave a trail of sequins everywhere now... These pieces are quite delicate. So worth it though!

Packing Tip:

Prepare for every single type of weather. There is no point in checking the weather and trying to pack around that because it is completely unpredictable. I always bring rain gear after experiencing TomorrowWorld 2015. That was a lesson learned!

Hope everyone has safe and chill travels. Enjoy the ride and journey. See ya at the fest!



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